Thursday, 3 March 2011

Spriditis - Beginnings

The Latvian school's younger members were learning about dance. They were invited to take part in the group dance at one of the UK's first Latvian Song Festivals being held at Jubilee Hall, Leeds. It was here that Vera Rullins, seeing the potential of the youngsters, began working closely with Austra Račičkis. The "little ones" were ready to stand tall and "Sprīdītis" was created. They performed their first solo dance at De Montfort Hall, in Leicester in 1970, their average age was 11 years old.

De Montfort Hall -  1st August 1971

The name Sprīdītis was based on the little man, who although no taller than the span of your hand, loves his country and makes his voice heard by his courageous and considerate actions. Sprīdītis is a fictional Latvian Folk Hero, who is very determined. He was created by Anna Brigadere.

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