Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Latvian National Costumes

Originally the girls wore Nica or Rucava skirts, a white blouse, a josta (belt or sash) and ribbons braided in their hair. The boys wore black pants, white shirts a prievite (woven garter used as a necktie) and a josta.  The choice of costume was initially due to the speed with which the national dress could be made. Of course the girls all wanted a crown with glass beads, topped with crystal and so Rucava costumes were slowly replaced with Nica costumes.

Patterns for the embroidery, (mainly cross stitch) were passed between members. The women and girls came together to sew, stitch and copy designs. Friendships and appreciation beside new Latvian National Costumes were created.

The border pattern, for this blog, some may have realized, is taken from the sleeve detail of a Barta costume.

The adoption of Barta National dress, was made in the mid 70s. However, in acknowledgement and to honour Sprīdītis beginnings, one member of the dance group always wore Nica.

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