After the Dance

The dance group members would like to acknowledge their appreciation of the teachings and the support given by :
  • Our parents,
    Halifax Latvian Club comittees,
    ✝ Mr and ✝ Mrs Z Zobens,
  • ✝ Biruta and Arturs Dzitars,
    ✝ Charlie and ✝ Eileen Graubergs,
    ✝ Vera and ✝ Alfons Grinbergs,
    ✝ Reinis Gabalins,
    ✝ Mirdza and Voldemars Legzdins,
    Fr. Helmuts Libietis,
    ✝  Bridget and ✝ Anton Lisosvkis,
    ✝ Andris Priede,
    Austra and Kazimirs Račičkis,
    ✝ Joan and ✝ Peter Radinš,
    ✝ Vera Rullina,
    ✝ Arija and Janis Silinskis,
    ✝ Mary and  Leons Taukulis,
    ✝ Otto and ✝ Nora Uzans,
Latvia regained indpendence again 21 August 1991. Many of the former members still live in the UK, others have made their homes in America, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland and of course Latvia.Many members of the dance group have contributed, participated or tutored at the 3 x 3 summer camps, (which begain in 1981), promoting Latvian culture across 3 or more generations of children with a latvian heritage.

Austra and Kazimir Račičkis -  ?

Vera Rullinš also worked with Sakta (Bradford - Karlis and Ilona Uskalis), Kamoliņš (Leeds - Skaidrītes Eberšteines, Ilga Mieriņa, Egons Andersons, Viktor Grigulis, Māris Pulis), and choreographed group dance segments for Latvian Song Festivals, sadly she passed away in 1974.

Fr Helmut Libietis joined a seminary in Switzerland in 1983/4. He was ordained, summer 1994, as a Traditional Dominican Father. He is currently (2011)  in America.

✝ Our condolences to their families and friends