Sunday, 20 March 2011

Nieuport House, Almeley

Where many a Latvian child spent summer.  Nieuport House, Almeley was home to many retired Latvians.  The house also had guest bedrooms and a pair of bungalows which is were summer camp attendees and their tutors stayed.  Even if one only went to Nieuport House to celebrate John's Day
it left a lasting impression.

As we grew older. the terraces seemed shorter, the lake smaller and the walk to the village of Almeley became a stroll away. 

When we were old enough to drive we explored the city of Hereford,  the near by villages - Almeley,  Eardisley and  Woebley and would occassionally end up having a drink with the locals in the pub.

Almeley -  The Bells Inn, The Rose and Crown 
Eardisley - The Tram Inn,  The Yew Tree
Kinnersley - The Roebuck Inn, The Kinnersley Arms
Woebley - The Red Lion
Woonton - The Lion Inn

Janis drinking a yard of ale
in The Tram Inn

Wikipedia - Almeley

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  1. Going to the village church to sign the visitors book was a must do too


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