Thursday, 10 March 2011

Shawls, hats and gloves

Latvian national costumes are completed with embroidered linen or woollen shawls.  The shawl is draped around the body and held together at one corner with one or more saktas (decorative brooches) or pins.

Head wear for unmarried girls are crowns featuring metal, ribbons or beads.  Once married the crown is swapped for a cloth cap or scarf as it is not fitting for a married women to have her hair uncovered.

Mens costumes were fashioned after military influences and the dress of town gentlemen. Wide brimmed hats, metal buckled belts and ornate gloves which were tucked into the belt to display the owners wealth.

White was considered lucky and was a natural wool colour so was an obvious choice or making mens costumes, these were complemented with embroidered scrollwork and woven belts that incorporated lucky Lavian symbols.

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