Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Latvian Society, Halifax 1951-1969

Tha Halifax Latvian Club was founded in 1951. It became an established meeting place for Latvians from surrounding areas. To help new immigrants a Latvian school was started.  By the late 1960's expansion was required. A new hall was built on to the rear of the existing building, making it possible for the Latvian Club to host it's own functions instead of hiring the local Co-Op Hall.

With the new hall came concerts; music (guitar and piano), songs and poetry performed by Maija Račičskis, Eva Navarska, Baiba Dzitars, Janis Račičkis, Sandra Collins, Rasma Blaževics, Lilija Zobens.

In later years the concerts included:
Pianists - Lilija, Aina, John  

Cellists - Lilija
Harp - Alida
Opera - Lilija, Alida

Accordianists - Aina, Voldis, Nora, Rolands, Brigita, Andris
Kokles - Raimonds, Arnolds, Martins, Roger, Anna, Aina, Rita, Tekla, Gillian, Monika, Karen, Janis

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