Friday, 2 March 2012

Spriditis dance group memories

I came across the Latvian Dancing website by pure accident yesterday. What a pleasant surprise!

Well, I have some lovely memories of dancing with the group, but I'm much too old to Polka these days !

I really enjoyed my time with you. Thank you for making me feel welcome as a member of Spriditis, even though I am of Lithuanian descent, rather than Latvian.

I particularly remember our trip to De Montford Hall in Leicestershire; we were so nervous about our big audience, but it was such a wonderful experience.

I also remember how enthusistic I was embroidering my blouse; and how proud I was to wear my full costume for the first time. I wish I could remember the name of the lady who helped me to make my costume: she made my head-dress. I remember travelling to her home in Bradford to do this.  I was very grateful to her.

I have quite a few photographs, as you can see the quality is quite poor, but I'm happy to share them with you. Sadly, the picture of the boys is scratched in the middle.


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LtR back: Karen, Oskar, Sylvia, Aivars B, Aina, Maris, Zina.  LtR front: Janis R, Gillian, Helmuts, Monika, Aivars K

Left to Right Back: Aivars K, Peter, Oskar, Helmut, Aivars B, Janis, Reinis.  Front: Janis S
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