Saturday, 5 March 2011

Going Forward 1974-1986

Leadership passed on to Helmuts Libietis in 1974. Sprīdītis have performed across the UK and at the European Latvian Song Festivals: Cologne (19-22 July 1973); London (19-22 Jūly 1978); Leeds (27 Jūly - 1 August 1982) and Gotand (Denmark) 1986 and danced alongside Saules Josta from Canberra (1976). Toured Germany, attended the annual English Latvian Song Festivals (Leeds - Jubilee Hall and Leicester - De Montfort Hall) and celebrated their Latvian heritage either solo or alongside other dance groups and musicians.

Photo: Left to right - Tekla Becs, Aina Uzans, Gillian Pickles, Monika Lisovskis, Rita Uzans, Karen Bennett

Some Sprīdītis members also played kokle. They also formed an all female acapella quartet.

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  1. Thanks for putting all this together! Brought back many memories, including driving an hour each week to Halifax from Bolton, and then back again in the dark eating a bag of cheese‘n’onion crisps. Thanks to our parents for being willing to do this every Sunday evening before another week of heavy factory work.


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